This July 4th, the skies over Incline Village and Crystal Bay will ignite with the vibrant colors of our much-anticipated fireworks display, courtesy of Red, White & Tahoe Blue II. After a five-year hiatus, we are excited to announce the return of this beloved tradition, promising a night filled with awe and celebration. But to make this event a reality, we need your support!

Every Donation Counts!

Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference. With a goal to secure over $150,000 for this year’s fireworks, every $5 donation helps us inch closer to a spectacular show that lights up our community spirit. Your contributions ensure that this and future displays can continue to dazzle our residents and visitors alike. Donate today and be a part of bringing back the bang!

A Commitment to Our Community and Environment

Red, White & Tahoe Blue II is not only dedicated to reviving our Independence Day fireworks but also to maintaining the pristine condition of our beloved Lake Tahoe. The day after the festivities, on July 5th, volunteers are needed to help clean up the beach. We’re going all out to ensure a thorough cleanup with surface skimmers on the water, divers underwater, and a dedicated crew on the beach. Our detailed production schedule outlines every step of the setup and takedown, reflecting our commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

Event Timeline Highlights:

  • June 28 – July 3: Preparation days with Lantis Pyrotechnics and High Sierra Marine coordinating the complex logistics of setting up the fireworks on a barge in Tahoe City. This period involves meticulous planning and equipment handling, ensuring everything is ready for the big night.
  • July 4: Showtime! The fireworks display is set to start at 9:30 PM, with an estimated end time of 10:00 PM. Security measures and professional handling will be enforced throughout the event to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • July 5: Post-event cleanup begins early in the morning, with a focus on removing any debris or refuse from the lake and surrounding areas. Volunteers are welcome to join the effort to keep Tahoe clean.

Beach Access and Regulations

Please remember that beaches in Incline Village are exclusively for residents and their guests. Access requires an IVGID Picture Card with beach privileges or accompanying someone who has one, along with the applicable entrance fee. IVGID Punch Cards are accepted as long as they cover the gate fees; however, guest passes cannot be purchased with an IVGID Punch Card. Additionally, all IVGID facilities are strictly smoke and vape-free zones, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable environment for everyone.

How to Help:

  • Donate: Visit to contribute financially. Every bit helps!
  • Volunteer: Sign up to help with the July 5th cleanup by contacting us through our website.
  • Share: Tell your friends and family about the fireworks and our collective effort to keep Tahoe beautiful.

Join us in making this Fourth of July not just a celebration of our nation’s independence but also a testament to our community’s resilience and commitment to each other. Whether you’re donating a few dollars, giving your time as a volunteer, or simply spreading the word, your support is invaluable.

Together, let’s light up the sky and ensure a clean and vibrant Tahoe for everyone to enjoy. Your support lights up more than just the sky—it ignites the spirit of our entire community.